A synod is the state council of the Uniting Church. The word 'synod' also describes the annual meeting of representatives of the state-wide Uniting Church.

The elected head of the synod is the Moderator. 

Synod COVID 19 Hub: Update for Congregations

Guidance Notes on gathering, use of premises, financial assistance for churches and employees and more. Information on Zoom licences, Ministry Resources, NSW Congregations meeting online. 


UAC Assembly

The Assembly the is national council of the Church, headed by the President of the Uniting Church, with a General Secretary as chief executive officer.



UME supports the mission of the Uniting Church in NSW and ACT by providing strategy, research, education, theological insight and other resources for mission, leadership and discipleship.


Uniting Earth

Uniting Earth is focused on capacity building for the NSW/ACT Synod in relation to environmental issues. This includes resourcing of change agents, congregations and councils of the Uniting Church, engagement with the wider society, and the resourcing of wider networks related to the environment.

Communities of practice will be supported as they engage in the question, “What does it mean to live a faithful life in the present context of our changing awareness of the place of human beings within the whole creation?”


Uniting World

Uniting World is the international partnerships agency of the Uniting Church in Australia. They collaborate with churches overseas to create lasting change together. Their focus is in five areas:  overcoming poverty, gender equality, climate justice, emergency response and strengthening leadership. Through their work, they grow connections between God’s people across the globe, deepening discipleship and supporting churches to be strong spiritual resources for their communities.


Social Justice Forum Uniting Church

The Social Justice Forum aims to encourage individuals, Congregations and Presbyteries to be informed and to take action on social issues as an expression of their faith.

The Forum Encourages and supports all parts of the church to engage in social justice activity. This happens through provision of information and other resources, including an advocacy training package and guidance on meeting with Members of Parliament.



Uniting is responsible for the social justice, community services and chaplaincy work of the Uniting Church in NSW and the ACT, providing care and support for people through all ages and stages of life and with a focus on people experiencing disadvantage and vulnerability.

Services include aged care, retirement and independent living, early learning, counselling and mediation, foster care, disability services, family services and youth services.



UTC is the Sydney campus of Charles Sturt University School of Theology, offering programs in theology and ministry studies at Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral level. UTC is also an accredited theological college of the Uniting Church in Australia, providing the education and formation for all Uniting Church ministry candidates in NSW and the ACT.



UFS sources funds, undertakes investments and provides loans to organisations of the Uniting Church. UFS provide financial leadership and thereby to support the Uniting Church.


Camden Theological Library

Lending to all members of the UCA in NSW/ACT

In addition to containing resources to support undergraduate and postgraduate study in theology, Biblical studies, church history, Christian ethics, preaching, ministry and mission, the collection also comprises many recent acquisitions which represent the interests and concerns of a contemporary Australian church seeking to relate Christianity to the issues of modern society.

One of the special features of the collection is a wide-ranging collection of theological books in the Korean language.